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Still hunting in nature reserves

In the Senate Partido Popular’s (PP) votes ensured that the controversial hunting law allowing hunting in nature reserves should not change. Thus, Spanish landowners may continue to hunt in protected areas.

Stag in Spain

A stag in a national park in Spain.
Photo: Wikipedia

This hunting is contrary to the country’s law on national parks and environmental organizations have requested that the hunting stops in national parks and protected areas since it threatens wildlife in these areas.

El País reports that all opposition parties in the National Assembly voted against the decision, but by the PP’s vote hunting will still be allowed if it is accepted by the Spanish Congress.

According to environmental organizations this law favors  a small group of land owners with hunting rights at the expense of the endangered fauna in protected areas.

What is especially remarkable with this case is the close relationship between some of the representatives of PP and those who have hunting rights.

According to El País, business people in the national park Parque Nacional de Cabañeros have invited the current manager for the management of national parks (Organismo autonomo Parques Nacionales) in Spain, Basilio Rada, to hunt in the park.