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Spanish Secrets, Part 8

Part eight of beautiful and lesser known places in Spain have a small mountain range which is also a nature park, very easily accessible from Málaga.

Views over Málaga

Views over Málaga

Montes de Malaga is located only 5 km from the center of Málaga and has long been a popular destination on weekends for residents of Malaga. The road A-7000) up to the natural park meanders from downtown and upward along the first section of the road the are bars and restaurants known as ventas, where many Málaga families eat their Sunday dinner. Farther up it is less populated and more wilderness. Continuing the road you will eventually arrive at the small town of Colmenar. From there you can drive back through Casabermeja and A-45 or AP-46 if you’re in a hurry.


Part of the pine forest

Along the way there are many places with stunning views over Malaga city, the sea and surrounding mountains and valleys. The highest point of the mountain range is 1032 meters and the road is at almost the same height. In the nature park, there are vast forests of Aleppo pine and other tree species. The fauna includes squirrels, wild boars, foxes, eagles and numerous other bird species. There are five different trails, all clearly marked.

The road up to the Montes de Malaga is an ancient road dated 1732, that was formerly known as C-345, but has now changed its name to A-7000, but is also known as the Carretera de Colmenar and Los Montes.

The trails are clearly marked.

The trails are clearly marked.

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It may be a little difficult to find the way from Malaga and signs in the city are poor, in some places there are signs to Carretera de Colmenar or Camino Colmenar. You can also drive in the opposite direction, ie from Colmenar, then it is much easier to locate.

Both Casabermeja and Colmenar are also cities that are worth seeing. The road A-7000 is in good condition and no longer as dangerous as it was in the old days, when it was notorious for road bandits.

All images are as usual clickable (opens in new window). Photos by Erixon Consulting.


At the other end of the road A-7000 is Colmenar.

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