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Spanish secrets – part 6

Part Six of beautiful and lesser known places in Spain offers a large and several small beaches with cold water, breathtaking scenery and a small village


Playa de Pantin. Photo: el Buho nº30

Pantin (La Coruna)

Pantin in Galicia is the quite unknown northwestern corner of Spain. To say that Pantin is unknown is maybe not quite right, the beach itself is very well known among surfers. But more or less unknown to the rest of the world, and the village of Pantin is not particularly well known even among surfers because it is Valdoviño which is the largest town in the area.

Pantin Classic 2010 – Jay Quinn. Photo: Ismael Mijan

Pantin Classic 2010 – Jay Quinn. Photo: Ismael Mijan

The beach of Pantin is relatively large and is located between two cliffs. It is known to be one of the best places in Europe for surfing. There is also a small canal where surfers can shortcut the days when the waves are bigger. The international surf competition Pantin Classics has been held here since the 80s. Pantin is also suitable for beginners since the surf college (Pantin Surf Camp) is located here.

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Pantin is a small village located between Valdoviño and Cedeira, and it is said that there was once a coastal lookout point. The village Pantin has no monuments or special sights, but nestles between the beach, which is actually called “Playa de Rodo”, and a huge mountain. From the top of the mountain you can see the surrounding villages and several small beaches including Rosella, Graxal, Bale, Prados and Porto Carrizo. In the mountains, there is supposed to be a horseshoe belonging to Santiago’s horse. It is also said that there is supposed to be a nail from Christ’s cross on the mountain.


Getting there is not difficult. It lies north of Ferrol, in Spain’s northwestern corner.


Since Pantin is still an unexplored paradise there are no hotels. It is best to stay in nearby towns such as Valdoviño, Cedeira or Ferrol. Pantin is only known for the annual surf contest and the surf college uses the beach to surf. As usual, it is possible to click on all the pictures. (opens in new window).

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