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Spanish Secrets, Part 2

Part two of the beautiful and less famous spots in Spain today offers one of the world’s smallest beaches. It has seawater, but is not by the sea.


Playa de Gulpiyuri. Photo: Wikipedia.

We are talking about Playa de Gulpiyuri, located in Asturias between Llanes and Ribdasella. It is located about 100 meters from the sea but is connected to the sea via a series of underground tunnels, thus the beach has both tidal and small waves. But there are no umbrellas, showers and beach bars. There is simply no room for it, because the beach is only 40 meters long.

Moreover, the beach is nonexistent at high tide. Then it’s basically just a small inland sea surrounded by cliffs and green meadows.


Playa de Gulpiyuri – map.

The beach has been protected as natural monument since 2001, so there will be no expansion of tourist activity although the beach is frequently visited by tourists. You can not drive up to the beach, but it’s easy to walk there, except that it can be difficult to find it. It is possible to walk from the beach of San Antolin, or from the village of Naves. Naves is located along the Cantabrian highway 14 km from Llanes, where you take the exit 313 (Naves / Villahormes / Hontoria). Take the first roundabout a paved road that leads to the other side of the highway, where the paved road ends and you have to park and walk on a gravel road to the beach (about 200m walk).

About 15 minutes west of the small beach there is another attraction, Bufones de Pria on Llames de Pria. These are vertical holes that are connected with the sea through underground caves. When the tide and waves crashe into the cave systems the vertical holes become like Geysers where water squirts more than 10 meters high. All with a loud snort that can be heard several kilometers away.


Bufones de Pría

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