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Spanish nurse recovered from Ebola

The Spanish nurse Teresa Romero is now recovered from Ebola after she tested negative twice for the virus.

Teresa Romero Ramos

Teresa Romero Ramos
Photo: PACMA

She tested negative for the virus on Sunday, but in order to be declared recovered the patient must test negative again after 48 hours, which she did.

The nurse is still under observation at the hospital and will remain there for a while to follow up any injuries that she incurred by the virus. Ebola causes internal bleeding in the body and can lead to organ failure. When Romero was at its worst she showed signs of organ failure and she will remain in the hospital in order to treat any injuries. She is now being transferred from isolation to another department in the hospital.

Romero was treated with antiviral medications and serum from another patient who previously survived Ebola.

Her husband is still under observation at the same hospital, but has so far not tested positive for Ebola.

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