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Spanish nurse infected by Ebola

Treated the two infected priests at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid and was infected herself.

Manuel García

Ebola infected Manuel García Viejo on arrival in Spain earlier this year.
Photo: Ministry of Defence

The woman had felt slightly ill since Tuesday last week and was hospitalized today with a high fever. Two tests have been conducted and both confirmed that she is infected with Ebola. She is placed in isolation and the condition is described as stable.

The nurse was part of a team that treated priests Manuel García Viejo and Miguel Pajeres when they were treated for Ebola respectively in August and the end of September. She had been in contact with Miguel Pajeres twice, but the hospital followed strict procedures with dual protective masks and suits. Yet it is not known how the woman was infected. Pajares died on September 25th while the nurse began to notice vague symptoms on September 30th with a 38.6 celsius fever and fatigue, writes El Pais.

Her husband is helping to make a list of people the woman have been in contact with after she began to show symptoms of infection. The virus infects only when one has symtpoms although the incubation period can be up to 40 days.

It is the first time that Ebola has spread in Spain and the first time the virus spreads outside Africa. Special procedures are now implemented to prevent the infection from spreading further. 30 other health workers at the hospital are also checked to detect any infection.

Previously, several other people in Spain have been tested after suspecion of Ebola, but it has fortunately proved to be a false alarm every time.