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Spanish mobile networks fastest

The London-based analyst firm Open Signal has published a new analysis of LTE networks in the world and it shows that the Spanish mobile network is the fastest of all.

4g-speedLTE is an abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, often marketed as 4G LTE, ie the standard for wireless transmission of data at high speeds for mobile phones and data terminals.

The report is based on data collected between November 2014 and January 2015. The data collection takes place via an app that the user installs, that measures coverage, signal strength and other parameters. The app is popular and useful as it has a whole range of useful features, therefore it has gained so many users that the basis for this report is based on 11 million users.

There are mainly two important parameters that are highlighted in the report. Firstly, the overall speed and also how much time users are taking advantage of the LTE network. The time that the users are connected via LTE is the company’s main parameter as it focuses on the user experience and can be linked to user satisfaction with their network.

When it comes time consumers are using their 4G connectivity South Korea is at top, where users are online 95% of the time through 4G. This is followed by Japan, Kuwait, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. UK is 27th place with 42% connection time. See picture below.

LTE connection, in percentage of connection time.

LTE connection, in percentage of connection time.

When it comes to speed Spain is number one with 18 mbps, followed by Finland and Denmark. UK is in 18th place with 12 Mbps. See picture below. Spanish Vodafone had the fastest network of all surveyed, with an average speed of 25.2 Mbps.

Average download speeds.

Average download speeds.

The countries with the slowest LTE network are Saudi Arabia (less than 5 Mbps), Mexico, Kuwait and the United States. Overall, there are now 124 countries with LTE coverage, but it is now being expanded to 18 new countries. The Scandinavian countries (especially Sweden and Norway) were the first to launch the 4G technology (2009/2010). Since then there has been a significant growth. Only a year ago only 76 countries had LTE coverage.

The full report can be read here.