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Spanish Midsummer Eve

To celebrate Midsummer’s Eve is something that Spaniards and Brits have in common, although the traditions might be slightly different.

san-juan-spainMidsummer’s Eve (St. John’s eve) is being celebrated in Spain on June 23rd. During Thursday June 23rd Spain’s beaches will be filled with thousands of bonfires to celebrate San Juan. The tradition of San Juan is about being purified from evil spirits through fire and water.

It is an experience to participate in walking backwards into the water at midnigt, along with thousands of other people on the beach. In some towns there is even a firework display at midnight. Many spaniard then pour seawater into bottles to bring it home and sprinkle it in the corners of the house (holy water). Jumping over the fire and walking on hot coals also belongs to the tradition. Spain is a big country and the traditions are numerous.

Midsummer is not a public holiday and it is expected that one goes more or less directly from the celebration to work the day after. Schools however have usually started with their summer holidays.


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