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Spanish football strike

The Spanish Football Federation RFEF has announced a strike from May16. The strike covers all league matches and has no specific end date.

footboll-strikeThe strike involves more than 600,000 players, coaches and referees and stems from a long-term dissatisfaction with how the TV money is being distributed. The Spanish government is preparing a new law on how the money should be distributed, andwhich that the Spanish Football Federation can not accept.

There is also a risk by the government interfering in the legislation. FIFA allows no intrusion from governments in football administration, so in worst case Spain will be banned from international competitions. RFEF have here a very strong bargaining chip in the fact that the president of the RFEF is also vice-president of FIFA and has long been a close friend of Sepp Blatter (FIFA president).

Even the players’ organization AFE is on the warpath and had previously announced a strike for May 17th. They are also dissatisfied with how money is allocated and moreover with both player salaries and how image rights are being taxed.

The body responsible for Spain’s top two leagues “La Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP)” supports the government’s bill and is trying through legal action to stop the strike. They have summoned all affiliated clubs to an extraordinary general meeting on 15 May.

When it comes to money from the TV rights, 90% goes to Division 1 and 10% to Division 2. Of the money to Division 1, the two top teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona occupy 50%, while the other teams share the rest. So there is quite obviously going to be conflicts.