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Spanish Ebola infected priest has died

Miguel Pajeres, 75 years, died this morning at the Hospital Carlos III in Madrid. The Spanish missionary was infected with Ebola in Liberia in West Africa and became ill ten days ago. On August 7th, he was flown to Madrid to receive treatment with the new experimental Ebola medicine Zmapp. Miguel Pajeres was treated under maximum security in a completely sealed room on the sixth floor of the hospital.

The drug has recently been used successfully in two American missionaries, but before that it has only been tested on monkeys. Spain imported the drug from Geneva with the support of a special emergency law that allows the use of illicit drugs when there is acute danger of death.

Ebola in Africa

Ebola in Africa
Source: Wikipedia

The viral load that the patient has been exposed to, and the state of health determines how quickly Ebola infection spreads in the body. In this case, Miguel Pajeres was already weakened by illness before the Ebola infection and in such cases the body has difficulty responding to a new massive infection.

The death toll has now risen to 1.014. Of the recent deaths of Ebola epidemic the majority has occurred in Liberia, where 29 people has died, followed by Sierra Leone, with 17 deaths and a further six deaths in Guinea. Even Nigeria has suffered a dozen cases, where two people have died. According to WHO, the number of cases of Ebola is1.848.

WHO (World Health Organization) believes that the Ebola outbreak is an international emergency that requires extraordinary efforts to halt the spreading of infections.

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