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Spanish duty free cheapest

Duty free shopping at Spanish airports is the cheapest in Europe. In fact the prices are 13.9% lower than the average of international airports.

tax-free-madridEuropa Press is reporting this with reference to a study made by Scyscanner. They have compared the prices of alcohol, tobacco, perfume and candy. The differences in price of tobacco products can be up to 58.6% while for alcohol it can distinguish up to 48.9%.

The very cheapest store in the survey was on the Lanzarote airport at the Canaries, where a carton of cigarettes on average costs € 29 , while in Paris it costs € 70. Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, is also clearly the most expensive in the survey, where prices are on average 30% higher than at Spanish airports.

If we look at the price of a bottle of Martini Bianco, it costs € 7.70 in Berlin and twice as much in Dublin. If we look at candy, a Toblerone costs € 6.95 in Lanzarote and Dublin, whereas it costs €16.31 in New York and € 12.50 in Rome.

When it comes to perfumes the Spanish airports are clearly the cheapest. For example a bottle My Burberry costs € 79.95 in Spain, while the price for the same bottle in Geneva is € 114.45.