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Spanish airport strike update: Closer to an agreement

After the last meeting between the Spanish airport unions and Aena on Friday, the parties are fairly close to a solution. Next week they could come to an agreement that would avoid the called strike at Spanish airports.

Alicante Elche airport. Photo: Ministerio de Fomento.

After the negotiations halted on Thursday 14. September due to disagreements on the wage bargaining, the last meeting on Friday 15. September was far more successful.

The head of the CCOO union in Aena said that they are fairly close to an agreement in the current negotiations between the unions and the managers of Spanish airports Aena and Enaire to achieve improvements in the working conditions of Spanish airports workers and thus definitively prevent the called strike, according to Expansión.

On Tuesday 19. September a new meeting has been scheduled between the parties and the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Julio Gómez-Pomar. According to the Secretary-General of the union CCOO, Francisco Casado, an “agreement in principle” could be reached at this meeting.

Casado also said that “We hope that Tuesday will be the last day of the meetings with the Secretary of State” and that we soon can sign an agreement that reflects an increase of the staff and the wages for the Spanish airport workers.

According to Casado, there were “some last minute obstacles” at the last meeting on Friday, that still need to be sorted out on their next meeting, but he did not want to go into detail about these obstacles, as it could complicate the negotiations.

Background info
After three years of earned surplus for the company that runs the Spanish airports, airport workers are demanding that they need to be compensated with a wage increase as they have had a loss of purchasing power of 8% over the last years, according to their estimates.

They have also called for the creation of 450 new jobs in Aena and 250 in Enaire, with the aim of compensating for the reduction in workforce carried out in previous years and which, they say, has left staff to a minimum level.

If the agreement between the parties is signed , it would put an end to the call for 25 strike days at Spanish airports, that has been postponed until October if there was no agreement.

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