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Spain’s National Day

Today on October 12, it is Spain’s National Day which is celebrated in memory of Christopher Columbus discovery of America on October 12th 1492.

hispanidadThe day is also called “Día de la Hispanidad”. Hispanidad is an association of countries that originated from the Iberian Peninsula and Spain. The day is a national holiday and most shops and all offices are closed. The celebration is pretty quiet. The national flag is being hoisted in Madrid by the Spanish king, followed by a military parade and an air show. There is usually not much larger celebration on the streets and many are staying at home with their families watching the parade and air show on TV.

If nothing exceptionally happens that require our attention, the newsroom on is closed today. We wish everyone a great national day – “¡Feliz Día de la Hispanidad! Que tu fiesta esté llena de amor e hilaridad “.

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