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Spain’s best supermarket wine

Wine experts have evaluated 981 different wines that are available in supermarkets. The winner is the red wine Vega del Geva from Álora.

vega-del-geva-botella-crianza-con-fondo-blancoThe wine guide has been published by wine expert Joan C. Martín in the magazine “Supervinos 2017“. Of the 981 wines that have been tested, 200 are discussed in the wine guide. The wines are available in 15 different supermarket chains. The wine guide does not only describe wines in the traditional way, but also the relationship between price and quality.

The winner Vega del Geva Crianza is being produced by Bodegas Perez Hidalgo. The suggested retail price for the wine is 8.85 Euros and 30,000 bottles are sold per year. The wine guide describes the wine as intense cherry / ruby coloured and with a wide range of flavors of wild berries such as blackberries and raspberries. The wine is described as “an unforgettable and almost perfect wine from the Sierra de Málaga”. The wine received the maximum number of points in the evaluation, which has not been obtained in three years. Vega del Geva can be bought at the supermarkets of El Corte Inglés.

The wine guide “Supervinos 2017” can be purchased at

Vega del Geva from Bodegas Perez Hidalgo

Vega del Geva from Bodegas Perez Hidalgo

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