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Spain soon fully booked

The leading tour operators in Europe are warning that several of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations soon are sold out for the upcoming summer.


Playa EL Sardinero, Santander. Foto: Pedro Lopez.

The recent terrorist attacks around the Mediterranean has meant that tour operators have reduced their destinations in Turkey, Egypt and the rest of North Africa. Instead, they ordered up hotels in Spain.

TUI, the world’s largest travel group, has clearly noticed the change after the jihadist attacks. TUI has vacuumed hotels along the entire Spanish coast, particularly on the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Fritz Jousset says that the summer bookings to Turkey have decreased by 40% because of the suicide attacks in Istanbul that killed 11 German tourists. This has primarily been replaced with Spain.


Playa de Bolonia in Tarifa, Andalucia. Photo: Joanna Höglund

Spain is the third largest tourist destination only beaten by France and the United States. Spain has beaten the record for number of foreign visitors for three consecutive years and 2016 is expected to follow this trend. Maria Sierra at eDreams, one of the largest online travel agencies in Europe headquartered in Barcelona, says: “Only in January we registered 25% more booking for Spain than in previous years.”

Thomas Cook, Europe’s second largest travel company after TUI, says their destinations in Spain now are almost fully-booked and they fear that they will soon be forced to hoist a “sold out signs” above Spain. CEO Peter Frank Hauser says they have prepared themselves by cutting down travels to Turkey by 29 percent and increase the number of hotel rooms in Spain but that “the trips to Spain are being filled up much faster than before”.

Spain has always been popular. Here is an old postcard from the Costa del Sol.

Spain has always been popular. Here is an old postcard from the Costa del Sol.

Accordingly, those who want to ensure a sunny break in Spain should book as soon as possible.