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Spain is most tourist friendly

For the first time Spain has been ranked as the world’s most tourist-friendly country in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competititveness Index.

world-economic-forumThe World Economic Forum is best known for its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland which brings together some of the world’s most powerful decision makers in politics and business. The organizer is a Swiss non-profit foundation aimed at influential business leaders, international policy makers, selected intellectuals and journalists. They discuss the most pressing problems of the world, including health and environment. In addition to the meetings, the Foundation also publishes a number of research reports and engages its members in sector specific initiatives. One of these reports are about travel and tourism.

They have recently released a biennial report that highlights how the various countries are set in terms of travel and tourism. Here’s a look at the top 10 countries.

  1. Spain
    With about 60.6 million arrivals of international tourists, Spain for the first time is in the lead. The country is considered rich in cultural resources and entertainment and it ranks high in terms of nature and culture. The same applies to infrastructure, tourism and tourism policy, as well as for business trips. However they get lower ranking for business environment, wages and productivity.
  2. France
    France’s nature and culture continues to attract most of the tourists and they have more than 84 million incoming international tourists per year. The country also ranks highly for infrastructure and the environment for tourism. But France scores lower for business environment and also for safety and security.
  3. Germany
    Germany ranks high for infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, business, health and hygiene, and international openness. But the ranking is very low on price competition (read: expensive).
  4. USA
    With 74 million international visitors in 2014 were the United States the highest ranked country in the Americas. USA gets a high score for its natural and cultural resources, infrastructure, aviation, human resources / labor, and information and communication technology. But significantly lower for safety and security, ground transportation, and environmental sustainability.
  5. United Kingdom
    UK did well when it comes to business environment, international openness, infrastructure, human resources / labor, and information and communication technology. But came second in terms of price competition.
  6. Switzerland
    Switzerland got top marks on infrastructure and also did well in the category of business environment, environment, human resources / labor. But got bad results on price competition.
  7. Australia
    Australia’s natural resources and recreational and entertainment attractions have helped the country into the top ten on the charts. But when it comes to competitiveness, human resources / labor improvements are needed
  8. Italy
    Italy is reportedly the fifth most visited country in the world, and it is regarded as number one in terms of world heritage. It ranks therefore high in the category of natural and cultural resources, but lower in the business environment, price competition and infrastructure – both terrestrial and aviation..
  9. Japan
    Japan had more than 10 million international tourists in 2013, according to the report. The country has high rankings for cultural resources and business travel but are disadvantaged category price competition.
  10. Canada
    Canada does well in infrastructure and get the top spot for infrastructure in aviation. Also natural resources and cultural resources, human resources / labor gave high rankings. However, the country ranked low in price competition.

Some countries outside the leaderboard
15. Portugal
18. Island
20. Norway
22. Finland
23. Sweden
35. Thailand


From the conference in Davos in 2015.

Anyone interested can read the full report here.