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Spain is doing military investments

After six years of severe budget cuts making tens of thousands of public work places to disappear, there is now a change.

Airbus A330 MRTT

Airbus A330 MRTT
Photo: Wikimedia.

The government has decided to give the Defense Department a significant increase in the budget. In the last budget proposal for 2015 there is a 1.1 percent increase in military spending. Adding the government’s “extraordinary credits,” including the special program for foreign military intervention, the increase is actually closer to 2%.

The increased expenses is a result from the NATO summit in Wales where it was required that all NATO members increase their defense budget to at least 2% of GDP. There are currently only four member states that live up to this; USA, UK, Greece and Estonia.

The new military program includes the purchase of four F-110 frigates specifically designed for anti-submarine warfare and high-intensity combat missions. Up to 400 8 × 8 armored cars, three met A330 aircraft for air refueling. Four drones that can take great weapons load including two control centers for these. Four Spanish-built S-80 submarines using the latest stealth technology and which also has a very high speed.

THe Defense Minister Pedro Morenés talked about Islamic terrorism, and declared that there is not any way to guarantee the security of our integrated society if we don’t have the necessary resources.

Former defense minister and current leader of the Spanish “Atlantic Association (AAE)” Eduardo Serra, pointed out deeper problems in the ruling elite. He stressed that Spain must increase the defense budget “if one wants to have a voice in the world,” although it may be “unpopular” or “not even necessary.”

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