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Spain has finally got a government

Now it’s official. The conservative party Partido Popular with their leader Mariano Rajoy has formed a government and a 10-month long political crisis has finally come to an end.

President Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy
Photo: Wikipedia

Spain has been ruled by a caretaker government over the last 10 months led by Rajoy. This caretaker government has had limited powers, which would have created major problems for Spains economic governance in the long run. Rajoy won a confidence voting in the National Assembly after the Socialist Party PSOE abstained from voting and thus he continues as prime minister.

A majority in the Socialist Party believed that it was better that Spain got a government than to continue in uncertainty. But the Socialist Party has made it clear that they will not make it easy for the new government. Rajoy will depend to seek support from the other parties on a case by case basis and will need to enter into many compromises. Thus, the Socialist Party also gets to have a lot of power in the next 3 years.

Many voters are not happy with the fact that Partido Popular is once again in government. Partido Popular is by many associated with corruption and economic cutdowns. Partido Popular was elected into government after the financial crisis in Spain and has been in power from 2011 to 2015.

In previous elections, Partido Popular and PSOE have obtained a a large percentage of alle the votes, but at the elections in 2015, there was no majority for any parties and none of partiens managed to gather a majority to form a government.

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