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Space travel from the Canary Islands

Soon you will be able to travel by balloon from the Canary Islands and up to the edge of space and enjoy a view that hardly anyone has seen

bloonFor the sum of € 110,000, a fraction of the price that other space travel companies charge, you can travel up to 36,000 meters – 3 times higher than conventional airliners. Although you will not experience weightlessness, you can see the earth surrounded by the dark space and you’ll also see the thin blue strip of atmosphere that envelops the earth and the sun rising beyond the earth. The journey is done with a balloon and the passengers are sitting in a pressure cabin with a big window so that you get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

It is a Catalan company named Zero2infinity now awaiting permission to start up with this type of travel. Currently they are testing the solution with unmanned cabins and next year, the first manned journeys starts.

You can already book the journey into space via their websites

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