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Soup Festival in Monda

Now on Sunday the 10th of April 2016 the small, pleasant and genuinely authentic Andalusian town of Monda is celebrating its twentieth soup festival, XX Día de la Sopa Mondeña.

monda-sopaMonda is a beautiful little white village situated between the Sierra de las Nieves and the Costa del Sol, which is now celebrating the arrival of spring with its famous “Sopa Mondeña.” More than 7,000 people are coming every year to this soup festival to enjoy the party and of course the soup that is cooked in a slow pace.

The soup is an important part of the Guadalhorce valley’s gastronomy and has its origins in the diet that rural workers and also coal miners (when they traveled from Monda to work in Cordoba) ate in the nineteenth century. A curiosity is that it is being prepared in a large wooden bowl that is made in one piece and which measures one meter in diameter and weighs several hundred kilograms – it is considered the largest of its kind in Spain.

One of the main ingredients of the soup is bread that must be about 5 days old for it to be so hard that it can be cut with a knife. In addition to bread there is garlic, olive oil, beans, peppers and a special tomato variety that’s available all year ‘tomate de culo. ” In the soup there are 10,000 eggs as well.

Besides soup eating, there is a fair of handicrafts, agricultural products and other local produce and of course entertainment. The festival takes place on the central square “Plaza de la Constitución” and the surrounding streets, beginning at midday. The musical entertainment begins at 1 p.m. and continues until late. The music is being performed by Los Carciano, Lester, Robert and DJ Paco Cantos.


For those interested in a true Spanish festival, I can recommend a Sunday trip to the beautiful little town of Monda. The weather is promised to be beautiful throughout the area this weekend and those who have the opportunity can also take the opportunity to go down to Coín and enjoy an absolutely wonderful orange blooming. I have never before seen so many flowers in the orange trees as this year. (Although It is not visible on the map, there is a large relatively newly built road between Fuengirola and Coin).

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