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Socialists gives way to Partido Popular

Spain seems to escape a third election. During a poll in Madrid on Sunday PSOE decided that they will support Mariano Rajoy when and if he makes a new attempt to form a government.

President Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy
Photo: Wikipedia

Thus, Partido Popular and Ciudadanos can finally form a minority government after a long struggle for political power in Spain. The fact that Rajoy could form a minority government means that PSOE will have many opportunities to gain acceptance for their stances. The government will need negtioate and seek support for every step they take.

PSOE has had declining support among Spaniards after they blocked Partido Popular’s previous attempts to form a government. PSOE’s previous leader Pedro Sanchez was downright forced out of his position on 1st of October since he refused Partido Popular to form a minority government.

By supporting Partido Popular, PSOE hopes to gain more votes in future elections.

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