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Snail day and market

dia_caracol_riogordoThe traditional snail day in Riogordo is not just a day where you eat free snails, but also a day with entertainment and an exciting local market.

Riogordo is a city in the Axarquía area (Málaga province), 40 km from Málaga. It is beautifully situated at the foot of the Montes de Málaga, ie on the north side of the mountains behind Malaga. For years they have been hosting the annual “Día del Caracol Riogordo”, usually on the last Sunday in May.

dia-del-caracol-riogordoThis year the snail day will be held on 31st of May and there will be served more than 350 kg snails boiled in broth. These are handed out for tasting along with olives and local wine. This is a typical dish from Andalusia in general, but especially around Riogordo. But not only snails are being offered, but also other typical dishes and products from the area.

The day is a big party with a parade of street performers, various local bands and groups, choirs and traditional dances. Moreover, a large cattle market where all kinds of animals are being sold and bought. The market begins a few days before and traditionally lasts for three days.


Thus a visit to Riogordo on Sunday at 12  can certainly be recommend to those who want to see a real Spanish party that’s sure not a tourist trap. Furthermore, the Riogordo is a small beautiful picturesque town that is pleasant to visit all year round.


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