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Skinny dipping in Madrid

Madrid’s swimming pools and municipal swimming pool might arrange a nude bathing day, where swimwear is only allowed as an extra option.

nudism-signA request has been sent to the municipality from a group of naturists. It was approved by the council headed by Manuela Carmena, but the decision has been criticized by the PP (Partido Popular).

An e-mail has been sent from the sports ministry to all 21 regional leaders that if they deem it appropriate, they have the permission to arrange such a day and that the decision follows a request from the Association for the development of nudism (ADN).

Wearing swimwear will be optional during this event and there will also be warning signs at the entrances telling about the event. This is not the first time such an event has been held in Madrid. It has been held previously but in a much more modest scale. A similar event was held last year at the sports complex in Casa de Campo and one in the pool at the Complutense university in 2010.

nudism-poolIsmael Rodrigo, chairman of ADN says: “Our goal with this event is to inform about and share our values that are Western values and additionally Christian.”

He adds: “Our bodies are not criminalized and the best way to show it is by not wearing clothes when it’s not necessary and that is there when you’re bathing – then a swimsuit is often just a nuisance. It’s a habit built on prejudice and we want to convey a more open view of the world right from the childhood.”

There are differing opinions on what day this event should take place. ADN wishes to have it on July 24th, but the council administration prefers a day in August.