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Ski resort in Barcelona

The Dutch company Snow World has plans to build a large indoor ski center in Barcelona


Photo: Wikipedia

Koos Hendriks, CEO of the Dutch company, Snow World presented the other day his project to an indoor ski resort in Barcelona’s Zona Franca. The project, which is estimated at around € 45 million includes a 300 meter long ski slope. The building is supposed to be a maximum of 62 feet high, the equivalent of 15 floors and 330 meters long.

The initiative has the support of the Catalan Federation d’Esports Hivern and President Oscar Cruz is cooperating with the development company. The project has not yet been given the green light by the municipality, but the municipality’s deputy mayor Antoni Vives said the city welcomes this private initiative. Partly because it is in an underdeveloped part of the city, and partly because it decentralises tourism and provides new jobs.

One of the disadvantages of the project is that the building that houses the Barcelona food bank needs to be demolished. Barcelona food bank daily gives out free food to 150,000 needy people. But Sander Laudy, spokesman for the development company, said they are willing to provide a space in the facility for the Food Bank, so that they can continue their business.

Facts about Snow World
Snow World has two indoor facilities in the Netherlands, one in Zoetermeer and one in Landgraaf, the latter of which is the largest indoor ski resort in Europe. Snow Word Landgraaf has 7 ski lifts, including six-chair lifts, 5 ski slopes, where the longest run is 520 meters and the total snow surface is almost 35,000 m². In addition to the slopes the facilities include restaurants, conference facilities and hotels.