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Sidewalks are being occupied

Pedestrians in Torrevieja are complaining that the city’s restaurants and cafes are occupying the sidewalks.

Residents have complained about it in great numbers by contacting the local newspaper “La Información”. They have complained of poor accessibility on sidewalks and they often have to go out in the street to get past tables and chairs. The problem is expected to increase when the summer season approaches and more people are staying outdoors.

Repeated behavior
It is not the first time that people ar complaining about this phenomenon, as the same thing happened last year. The municipality reacted by asking the local police to conduct investigations and fine restaurants. The restaurants have a certain number of square feet they can use, but they often try to push their boundaries.

Not only sidewalks
This is not only about the sidewalks, as the same problem applies to the promenade and also the beach itself. If there is not an immediate improvement the local police expects that they will be forced to extend their controls.


The behavior of restaurants and other businesses to occupying public space is not something that only happens in Torrevieja. It is a common occurrence in many places along the entire Spanish coast, what varies is how it is being handled locally.