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Shark sighting in Benidorm

Photo: Twitter

“Never seen so many people get out of the water so quick in my life”, tweeted @shanksy03 yesterday.

A Twitter user named @shanksy03 filmed something that could be a shark near the shore on the Levante Beach in Benidorm.

Although benidorm has shark nets outside their beaches, the big fish has managed to get pass them.

It is difficult to see which species this is, but it could be a Common Thresher (Alopias vulpinus), also known as a fox shark. It has not been positively identified as a shark, since there are many big fish in the Mediterranean.


Facts about sharks in the Mediterranean:

  • There are at least 47 species of shark inhabiting the Mediterranean, including the great white, the great hammerhead, long and short fin makos, thresher, basking, black and whitetips, blue and bronze whaler sharks
  • Fifteen are considered dangerous or potentially dangerous, and 16 measure three metres or more in length as adults, but encounters between humans and sharks in the region are extremely rare
  • Only around 60 cases of interactions between humans and sharks in the Mediterranean have been recorded since 1899

The last major attack in Spain happened in March 1986 in Tarifa, just outside the Mediterranean, when a white shark attacked a surfer, causing non-fatal injuries

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