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Shark in Fuengirola identified

Last weekend the beaches of Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol were closed for 5 hours after a shark had been spotted near the beach. The shark has now been identified.

whale-sharkAfter swimmers had seen a shark fin and alerted the lifeguards, an intensive search was initiated with the participation of the Civil Guard and others. The search was unsuccessful and no sharks were found.

But now the shark has been found by fishermen and it has also been caught on video. It is whale shark, a species that is completely harmless to humans. Despite its size, it is infact completely harmless. Whale sharks can sometimes also invite swimmers on a swim and younger whale sharks sometimes like to play with scuba divers.


The whale shark is popular with divers, but it is an endangered species and since 2016 it has been listed as threatened.

Facts about Whale sharks

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest shark species and also the largest living fish species. This shark is a planktivore (it eats plankton). Whale sharks filter zooplankton from the surface, which mostly consists of copepods and fish eggs. Sometimes it even eats the smaller fish like mackerel, sardines, anchovies and small tuna. Whale Shark are also feeding on fish eggs and eggs that are released from the corals during a coral flowering. The larges observed specimen was measured at 12.65 meters. There are many stories about whale sharks of 18-20 meters, but so far there is no evidence for this.

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