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Serial sex offender in Fuengirola

Policia Nacional is looking for a serial sex offender who threatens their victims with a screwdriver.

The police is investigating the allegations of three young girls who have described a man who assaulted them in leisure areas of Fuengirola.

According to Diariosur, the National Police is looking for a sex offender who intimidates his victims with a screwdriver and who in the last month has already acted three times in the city of Fuengirola. Both the modus operandi employed and the description that the girls made are matching, thus the investigaters are very clear that it is the same offender.

The first of the cases happened less than a month ago in Avenida Ramón y Cajal. A young woman of Spanish nationality was approached by an individual who used a screwdriver to threaten to kill her. He followed her into her building and into the elevator. The assailant fled when he heard noises.

The second sexual assault occurred last sunday at 7 a.m. on Calle Coronel Ripollet. The girl, also Spanish, was returning home after leaving with some friends and was walking alone in the street when she was approached by the assailant. A few meters away came one of her friends, who had been left behind on the way home, and when she saw the situation, she began to scream. The assailant interrupted the attack, but did not leave the place in a hurry nor fled in a run-down manner. Apparently he left parsimoniously, crossed the street, and climbed into a white van that was parked there.

The third attack dates from last Thursday, about 4 a.m. in the morning. The victim is a young girl of British origin who returned to her home after leaving work. According to sources close to the case, the asailant surprised her when the girl had just climbed in her car, which was parked in the vicinity of Calle Maestra Ángeles Azpiazu. The victim saw the man leaving in a white van.

Physical description

The three young women agree on the physical description of the sexual assailant. He is a man with a height between 1.70 and 1.75 cm, dark brown skin, with dark eyes with short hair and of athletic complexion, that could have a tattoo on one of his arms with blue ink. Although the second girl was not intimidated with a screwdriver, probably on being discovered by her friend, the two girls did see how he was leaving in a white van, the same vehicle that the aggressor used in the third case, so the investigators have linked the allegations and begin to consider him a serial criminal. Until now, he has always performed at dawn in the Center of Fuengirola and, more specifically, in leisure areas.

If you believe you have a clue that can help solve the case or know anyone who matches the physical description, you can contact The National Police at tel 091 or on their English speaking number 902 102 112.

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