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Separatism in Europe

Scotland votes for independence in a few days, but in Catalonia there is also a movement for independence

The flag of Catalonia

The flag of Catalonia
Photo: Wikipedia

Yesterday Catalonia celebrated its National Day with great manifestations while Catalans dressed in the Catalan colors red and yellow and took to the streets. In Barcelona, they formed a giant V on the avenues “Gran Via” and “Diagonal”. The reported number of participants in the manifestation varies depending on which source you look at, but varies between 470,000 1,800,000 participants. For balance sheet’s interest, it may be mentioned that there were also smaller counter-demonstrations included in Tarragona where there were about 3,500 people.

FC Barcelona

Barclona away jerseys

Barclona in their away jerseys
Photo: FC Barcelona

Football club FC Barcelona also gave their contribution to separatism through their next match by playing in their yellow-red away jerseys even though they play at home. They play against Athletic Bilbao, the Basque club that has only Basque players. The Basques have agreed that both teams will be playing in their away jerseys at Camp Nou on Saturday. Even the Spanish Football Federation has allowed color change, according to data from the FC Barcelona website.

Separatism – possible danger of a chain reaction
Scotland now voting on Thursday, Sept. 18 if they are to remain in the UK or not. Government in London fear that a yes to independence may also revive the old conflict in Northern Ireland. The regional Board of Catalonia wants to keep its referendum on November 9, as the central government in Madrid opposes and claims that it is illegal. Furthermore, there are strong separatist movements in both Italy and Belgium, and in several Eastern European countries.