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Seasonal fruits – Cherries

Useful and affordable berries. Right now you can find Spanish cherries in fruteria, fruit shops, in Spain. The season begins in June and usually lasts to August.


Illustration photo: Wikipedia

Spain is the world’s 5th largest producer of cherries, but much of the production is sold within its own borders. The price is usually between € 3 and € 5 per kilo.

Many are reluctant to eating cherries because one is not accustomed to eating the tasty berries you can experience som gas pain. Usually the stomach gets acustomed to this and after eating cherries a couple of days the displeasure should be significantly smaller.

Cherries have many positive qualities. They contain lots of fiber and vitamin C but they contain only 16% carbohydrates. Cherries are also very useful if you have gout, as they omprove the excretion of uric acid from the body through the kidneys.

Cherries are best eaten as they are, but also taste delicious when heated and served with ice or cooked as compote. By heting them they emit some liquid. It is also easy and good to make liqueur from cherres and it might be a good idea to start the preparation right now that the season is here and the prices are low.