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Seasonal fruit – Figs

Now figs are ripening in Spain and the stores have plenty of this delicious and beneficial fruit that we are not used to eating fresh in UK.


Photo: Wikipedia

Figs are something most people associate with dried fruits and perhaps buy for Christmas. The flavor of dried figs is not exactly something to remember. But this fruit is incredibly good now that the season is underway and it is full of useful minerals. Many Spaniards eat figs along with bread, but you can also create your own energy bars by mixing figs with oats and other nuts. Useful after a hard workout or as or as Saturday snacks.

Figs are a very soft fruit and is therefore susceptible to pests. If you are lucky enough to have your own fig tree in the garden or know someone who has, then you can pick and eat figs over a period of several weeks, but you should always open the first and check that there are not larvae in them (same kind of larvae that you can find in wild raspberries).

Figs can also be used as a substitute for sugar when baking cakes or muffins and adds an extra dimension to the flavor.

We mentioned nutrients earlier: 100 grams figs covers 16% of the daily requirement for calcium, 16% of the daily requirement of iron, and further 18% of magnesium, 10% phosphorus and 14% potassium. So here you get plenty of iron and other essential minerals in you the same way as when you eat nuts.

Ficus carica

Photo: Wikipedia