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Scammers arrested in Torrevieja

After an undercover operation, the police has arrested a family that operates on the market in Torrevieja with a variant of a classic scam method called the “cup game”.

cup-gameThree cups and a ball is the most common way to do this. Scammers put a ball under one of the cups and switches them quickly about. It seems easy enough when you try to guess where the ball is, but the performers are well trained and you’re guaranteed to lose. The family that now is charged with this type of fraud, have been using the street market in Torrevieja for a long time to make some extra money.

The family used three half potatoes instead of three cups and they also used a family member who was among the spectators to lure other onlookers to try their hand at the game. The family member obviously chooses the right cup, whereupon the person “collects his winnings”.

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