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Ryanair passengers forced to pay for taxi and ferry

A plane heading from Dublin to Lanzarote last saturday was forced to land on Fuerteventura due to severe thunderstorms.


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Even though Ryanair promised to arrange bus and ferry tickets for the passengers, some passengers ended up paying taxi and ferry tickets out of their own pockets.

The passengers were shipped by bus to the port but were left confused as there were no tickets reserved for the passengers when they arrived at the port. Some of the passengers got bored waiting for the buses at the airport and paid 30 £ for a taxi to the port, where they were told that there were no reserved tickets.

Passengers annoyed from lack of information shared their frustration on twitter.

Ryanair has apologised for the incidents and offered all passengers that paid out of their own pockets a full reimbursement.

A similiar incident occured in 2010 when a Ryanair plane from Bournemouth to Lanzarote was diverted to Fuerteventura and many of the passengers were forced to make their own arrangements to get to Lanzarote by ferry. Also during this incident, the passengers complained about lack of information from Ryanair.

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