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Ryanair cancels around 2000 flights

Ryanair cancelling between 40 and 50 flights every day for the next six weeks.

ryanair aircraft

Photo by Ryanair

In a press release Ryanair states that: “By cancelling less than 2 percent of our flights, until the winter program starts in November, we can improve punctuality.”

The cancellations are made to clear a backlog of crew leave that employees are entitled to.

It does not appear from the press release which flights or from which of Ryanair’s bases this applies. The affected customers will be contacted by the airline by email.

Angry customers who have been told about the cancellations with only a few days notification, getting their travel plans ruined, are sharing their frustration in social media.

There is also a list of cancelled flights, but at the moment the list shows only cancelled flights over the next couple of days:


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