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Royal tribute to enthusiasts

Felipe Letizia

Foto: Wikipedia

Nonprofit organizations received praise from Felipe VI and Letizia.

The new Spanish royal couple have already started their careers as rulers, and in their second official mission they met 350 representatives from various non-profit organizations such as helping the disabled, victims of domestic violence or victims of various diseases. For the first time (!)  also representatives of the LGBT Movement (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people) got commended by the king for their work.

Philip VI sent a warm thank you to the thousands of people who with generosity and altruism are helping people in vulnerable situations. Furthermore the king felt that these organizations and their work should be both more famous and get more attention and are a shining example for all others. He also emphasized that the economic crisis has highlighted the usefulness of these organizations, and they show that the Spaniards could rise from difficulties.

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