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Ronaldo got a lesson

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo got a real lesson in the art of putting a free kick the other day. It was coach Zinedine Zidane who showed him how to do it.

zidane-ronaldoZidane went to Ronaldo while he was practicing free kicks and jokingly he took the ball and said “watch and learn how to set a free kick”. This resulted in a free kick competition between the two, and the result was a victory for Zidane. They competed with 10 shots each and Zidane sat almost everyone, while Ronaldo only managed two.

The former coach Rafa Benitez also tried to improve the free kicks, but he was unable to reach the players. According to credible sources, Ronaldo would earlier have become angry and offended to be shown how to make a free-kick, but now he was impressed instead (and so were probably the entire team, for everybody were watching).

Zidane has hada long and successful football career before he has taken on the job to coach Real Madrid. Clearly, the Frenchman still has retained his brilliant technique and ball feeling from the old days and he is obviously getting along with the players.

According to the Spanish site there is now a harmony of the team that was not there with the former coach.