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Robot delivery boxes coming to Málaga centro

Food delivery on mopeds might soon be but a memory, as Málaga will become the fourth city in the world to get delivery robots.

Foto: Starship Technologies

The Málaga branch of the company HappyBox, specialized in express delivery for businesses, has ordered five of these autonomous robots for a test pilot scheme.

The robots are developed by an Estonian company named Starship Technologies and will operate in the pedestrian part of the old city centre and although their top speed is 16 kilometers per hour, it will be reduced to ten during the initial phase.

An engineer will arrive together with the robots to create a map of the part of the city in which they are to operate. The robots will be fitted with GPS systems, optical cameras, ultrasonic sensors and accelerometers and will be tracked and monitored at all times to avoid them being stolen.

The managing director of HappyBox, Chris Orejuela, says that the delivery robots weigh around 18 kilos each and have a carrying capacity for another ten kilos. The operating range is circa ten kilometers and the batteries last around five hours.

The delivery time will be between 15 and 20 minutes. The order from the customer comes in through the platform HappyBox, and the address and delivery time is transmitted to a robot.
When the robot has reached its destination, the customer will receive an unlock code to open the compartment which can contain hot or cold food, documents, parcels or just about anything the customer needs having delivered.

Delivery robots from Starship Technologies are already at work in Tallinn, London and San Francisco.

Foto: Starship Technologies

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