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Rescued, arrested and hospitalized

Something went wrong for a mugger who had been surrounded by police in the Gibralfaro castle in Malaga when he fell into a ravine and injured himself after he tried to escape from the police.

gibralfaro malaga

Gibralfaro in Málaga.
Photo: Wikipedia

The robber had tried to rob three tourists inside Gibralfaro castle on a very violent way. One victim, a 38-year-old French tourist was attacked even though she was with her 11 year old daughter. She had to be treated for cuts on her arms. A 27-old American tourist ended up with a bloody lip after being attempted robbed by the man.

Five firefighters were needed in order to resque him out of the ravine, and while he waited to be rescued, he lit a cigarette. After being rescued he was arrested and then taken to the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga for treatment.