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Risky WiFi

A survey conducted on the Canary Islands shows that nine out of ten free wifi connections are fully open to hackers.

wifi-gratuitoIt is the local company Wificlick who has been examining 2,000 free WiFi connections at cafes and shops on the Canary Islands. Their conclusion is that nine out of ten are open to hacking. Many of the networks are so insecure that it does not require any specialized knowledge at all to hack them, says Antonio Gonzalez, president of Wificlick, to Europa Press.

This means that those who have dishonest intentions, easily can access your images and messages as well as steal passwords and other sensitive information from you. Most shop and cafe owners are not aware of the risks of a poorly secured network and what consequences it might mean for them. According to Antonio González the owners risk fines of up to 100,000 euros for breaching the data protection law.

Antonio Gonzalez points out that foreign tourists are used to surf without assessing risk and this is a problem not only for victims of cybercrime, but also for the entire tourism industry.

As far as we know, similar studies have not been done on the Spanish mainland, but nothing suggests that the conditions are different there and the Data Protection Act applies throughout all of Spain.


There are certain things you can and should do to protect yourself, which you can read more about here.


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