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Restaurant with only one table

Now on Friday, September 25, a new gourmet restaurant with a different concept opens. It only has one table, but the table can seat up to 12 guests.

fierro-tableThe restaurant called Fierro is primarily an evening restaurant, where dinner is served at 9pm in winter and 9.30pm in summer. There are special menus on selected evenings every week.

But they also offer workshops, courses and various other activities. You can also rent the whole restaurant for tastings, private lunches and dinners most evenings when the restaurant is closed.



A course held at the restaurant

Bookings can be done on the restaurant’s website, where there is a calendar that you can click on and then you immediately get to know what is offered on the day you are interested in. Additionally, you can see right away if there are any seats available.

If you want to order you pay a deposit directly on the website and it is currently at 20 € / person. The menu itself normally costs € 55 per person, on the opening day € 60, but it’s all included.



Germán Carrizo och Carito Lourenço

Germán Carrizo och Carito Lourenço

The people behind the restaurant is a couple who is originally from Argentina. Germán Carrizo is a chef trained at the Escuela de hosteleria y Turismo de Mendoza, and has since worked mainly in Spain. Carito Lourenço specializes in desserts and cakes, which she has done since she was 17 years old.

The gastronomy can be described as Mediterranean cuisine seasoned with a large portion of personal touch, a kitchen that respects the product and only the best ingredients are being used.

Fierro Restaurant is located on Calle Doctor Serrano 4 in Valencia, in the district of Ruzafa.
Website: (in Spanish).