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Restaurant manager criticizes All-Inclusive

One of the biggest restaurant owners on Tenerife criticizes the practice of all-inclusive vacations.


Illistration: Wikipedia

Lorenzo Reverón and his family owns several restaurants in Tenerife and says in an interview with El Diario that all-inclusive tourism not only destroys restaurants but a number of other businesses associated with tourism. This type of holidays promotes a type of tourism that are content with mediocre buffet services at the hotel instead of quality food that could have been eaten in the restaurant or in the restaurants outside the hotel grounds.

This criticism comes only shortly after the leader of the Asociación de Ocio del Sur (Asocio), Javier Cabrera, stated that the holidays with all-inclusive should be banned for hotels located along the shoreline. There is a huge industry that lives off tourism along the shoreline and the industry provides jobs for many families, says Javier Cabrera.

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