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Renovations in Torrevieja

The seafront in Torrevieja will now get a much needed facelift. Work will start in February and will be completed before the summer.

The strech where the renovations will take place

The strech where the renovations will take place

The work was originally budgeted at 1,111,905 euros, but has been haggled down to 826,145 euros. Of this sum 60% will be paid by the city, and 40% by the provincial board. Work is expected to take four months and will be completed in good time before the summer tourist invasion.

The project covers the stretch between Punta Margalla and Avenida Habaneras and will affect a total of 11,750 square meters. It will improve the of accessibility to users, the old border stones will be replaced, there will be new benches, new lighting and new bins. Furthermore an outdoor gym, green areas, playgrounds are to be built.

The above information comes from a statement by the former municipal chairman of Torrevieja and current vice president of the provincial government, Eduardo Dolon.