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Rain ends the drought

The last rain has ended the severe drought in the Valencia region, and has provided a much needed contribution to the water reservoirs.

The large water magazine in Beniarres, “Embalse de Beniarres”, has received a grant of almost one cubic hectometres * of its total capacity of 30 hm³. The magazine is now at 16 percent of it’s capacity, compared with the record low 13 percent before the rain. But the authorities still denotes the water situation as very serious.

Magazine in Guadalest, “Embalse de Guadalest”, which supplies Marina Baja with water has also had an improvement from 19% of capacity to 30%. Guadalest has a total capacity of 16 hm³.


The water magazine in Beniarrés. Photo: Sporeman, Wikipedia

*“1 cubic hectometres hm³ = 1 million cubic metres”

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