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Questions and answers about the lockdown

Can I walk the dog? Can I drive my kid to the airport? Can I go running? What happens to the homeless?

Empty streets in Fuengirola. Photo by Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola.

From today Monday 16th of March the police will show zero tolerance for breaking the lockdown laws. Drones, helicopters and roadblocks will be used to enforce the lockdown.

The Government decree limits the free movement of people, although with certain exceptions;
Citizens are only allowed to leave their homes, individually (unless accompanying a disabled person or for another justified reason), in the following situations, both on foot and by car:

1. To buy food or other primary necessities, or to get prescription meds from the farmacia
2. To visit medical facilities in case of urgency
3. To go to your workplace or to carry out labour, professional or company duties
4. To return to your habitual home
5. To take care of children or other dependant family members or to assist elderly or disabled people
6. To visit banking or insurance institutions 7. For reasons of overwhelming force or situation of necessity
8. For any other activity of an analogous nature duly justified
9. To walk your pet (this was not mentioned in the original list, but mentioned specifically during the Q&A after the press conference)
10. To fill your vehicle up with fuel

The lockdown started on the evening Saturday 14th of March.

If you need to go out according to the list above, please keep a distance of 1.5 meters to other people. Remember you can only leave the house alone.

Bring ID and proof of why you are leaving your home. You will be fined on the spot or arrested for breaking the lockdown laws.

How will they check where I’m going?
Bring proof and bring ID. The agents of the State Security Forces and Corps, who have as a top priority in these 15 days the fulfilment of the royal decree, may require all the documentation they deem necessary to verify the reality of the displacement, but they will apply, first and foremost, the sense common. It is recommended to keep the purchase ‘tickets’ or bank slips to justify our presence on public roads.

If I say that I go to the supermarket, how will they verify it?
Saying you go to the supermarket is not a blank check. The Security Forces warn: “We will have to prove it.” Each case will be individually checked and studied. Use the nearest supermarket.

If I go shopping at the supermarket, can I go alone or accompanied? Should I go by car or on foot? Will there be turns?
You can only go alone. You can go by car or on foot, and for now the need to impose shifts or schedules has not been established.

Will measures be taken to avoid crowds in supermarkets?
If necessary, the Security Forces could take measures and even impose order outside and inside the supermarket, but today, in Malaga, they do not think it will be necessary. Although there have been moments of tension in some establishment on the coast, as for example yesterday morning in Mijas, they have not passed to the elderly and have been resolved with the police presence.

Can I go to drop off food at my mother’s house?
The answer is yes. Support for dependent people is one of the causes of mobility that is specifically included in the royal decree of the Government.

Can I go to friends’ house to pick up some masks or gloves?
Yes, but as in all cases, it will have to be proven. The royal decree admits going to pharmacies in search of medical supplies, so if it is somewhere else, it would also be considered included among the exceptions.

Can I go running or play sports?
No. The order, which does not admit exceptions and extends to all recreational and sports modalities, is to stay at home. Drones and helicopter ill be used to spot people out on a walk or running.

Can I go for a walk or walk in the countryside if the doctor has recommended it?
No. Not even by stairs or common areas of the building, since the virus is spread by touching surfaces and can put other neighbours at risk. The limitation of movements in this regard is strict. In addition, they recall from the Security Forces, the people to whom the doctor recommends walking are usually within the population at risk and the decree orders isolation precisely so that they do not become infected. If they want to walk, “in the hallway at home,” they insist.

If I am a motorcycle fan, can I go off road on Sunday?
Absolutely not. It is clearly an unjustified displacement and, as in the rest of cases, it will entail an economic sanction.

Can I get the dog out? Only as a couple?
Yes, but not as a synonym for going for a walk. The bare minimum. And alone, never as a couple. You can walk your dog near your home. You can’t drive to the countryside to walk the dog.

If the state of alarm has surprised me with the family in a second residence and I have to return to my home to work, what can I do? Can I come back alone or with the whole family?
Obviously, the return trip with the whole family for work reasons is allowed, but not the outward trip again. An attempt will also be made to control these movements.

If my child manages to catch a flight and arrives at the airport, can I go to pick him up by car? Can one or both parents go?
Yes, a trip to pick up a relative who is returning from a trip is justified, although it is recommended to avoid it. Better take a taxi. And if you have to go get it, do it alone.

What happens to the ‘homeless’ people?
The social services will try to assist them and accompany them to the municipal reception centers to avoid their presence on public roads. If he fails to comply with the order and remains on the street, he would enter into one of the cases punishable by the royal decree, although given the circumstances, he will choose more to manage an internment required by court order.

Food, gas and energy is guaranteed by the state. There is no need to panic and no need to panic shop in the supermarkets.

Respect the orders from Police and Vigilantes. Behave civilised. We will get through this.

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