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Quality yarn shop in Fuengirola

Lanas de Noruega is the yarn store in Fuengirola that has been in Las Rampas since November 2014.

IMG_1301The cheerful owner Hanne Farrell welcomes us in the store. Along one wall there is a huge selection of yarn in all colors and varieties. Both regular and new customers are visiting the store while we are talking to her. “This is our 2nd winter here and it’s very nice to see that our customers are satisfied and keep coming back.”

Hanne herself is knitting in a chair while she talks about how the idea was born. “I previously had a yarn store in Oslo and have always dreamed of running a yarn shop in Spain. Finally I just jumped into it and have not regretted once.”

Plenty to choose between

A large selection of yarn

Why did you choose Fuengirola? “I’ve been on holiday in Fuengirola several times over the last 20 years and I like it here. Although Fuengirola is a tourist town, it is not like a typical tourist town. When you walk a bit away from beach you can see that Fuengirola also is a common Spanish town with a Spanish everyday life. I could never imagine living in a tourist machine and there are not only holidaymakers here in Fuengirola.”

“Our strength is that we have a huge selection of real wool yarn from Norway. We probably have the largest selection of wool on the Costa del Sol and that is probably why we have British, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian and Spanish customers. Especially the Spanish customers are excited about the wide range of colors and they are not used to knit the same way as Norwegians and they often want to learn more about this.”

Britta Ankarudd explaining how circular knitting needles used

Britta Ankarudd explaining how circular knitting needles are being used

One of the store’s regular customers, Swedish Britta Ankarudd, drops by and has a chat with both Hanne and with other customers. This is like a candy store for me since I love to knit, she says. She has been three winters in Fuengirola and is very happy with her life as a winter tourist. “Here in Fuengirola the weather is almost always nice and with such a good yarn shop in town, I don’t need anything else. The quality of the yarn is very good here at Lanas de Noruega and it is very inspiring to have this shop in town.”

Britta can confirm that many Spaniards would like to learn more about Norwegian knitting techniques. “Spaniards are for example not accustomed to using circular knitting needles, so when they come to the knitting cafe, they want to get some help.” But Britta also reveals that many Swedes are a bit envious of Norwegian knitting technique and are unaccustomed to using circular knitting needles. And just as she finishes explaining about it, a Swedish customer enters in order to get help from Britta and to learn more about the mysteries of the circular knitting needles. Britta explains and helps willingly.

Felted socks are good to wear on cold Spanish floors.

Felted socks are good to wear on cold Spanish floors.

In addition to yarn and needles you may also buy felted socks and lovely handmade buttons and you may use the sewing machine that is available in the store to assemble your knitting. You can either assemble the knitting yourself or Hanne can take care of it.

Do not forget to write that we have started knitting cafe, says Hanne between two customers. Every Thursday at 6 p.m. you can bring your knitting and good mood. The knitting café has been a great success and there are always plenty of people coming to knit, chat and socialize.

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