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Properties on sale

1,500 homes, offices and plots are sold with up to 60 percent discount. They are located in many parts of Spain, even in popular areas.

spanish-properties-discountIt is BMN consisting of a consortium of the banks Cajagranada, Caja Murcia and Sa Nostra, together with the real estate portal Casaktua who are launching a campaign with up to 60% discounts.

But you nee to be quick. The campaign lasts only until July 31st 2016, so it’s first come first served.

The selected objects are located in Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Manca, Catalonia, Asturias, Valencia, Murcia, Madrid, Galicia and Aragon. Most are located in Catalonia with 421 objects, Balearic Islands with 401 objects, Valencia with 261 and 206 in Andalusia.

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There are about 832 homes with an average living space of 91 square meters. 195 business premises with an average area of 118 square meters, 34 industrial sites with an average of 1,286 square meters, 240 parking spaces, 84 stores and 180 plots.

The average price for the homes is € 82,500 and premises’ average price is € 81,500. The industrial plots have an average price of € 241,000, the stores an averag of  € 3,400, the parking spaces € 7,000 and the plots € 66,700.

More information available from each bank or from Casaktuas website.

More information available from each bank or from Casaktuas website.

Sources: The newspaper ABC and Casaktua.

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