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Price war in the air

There is a full price war around Spanish domestic flights. Iberia, Lufthansa and Ryanair have thrown themself into the fight for passengers and prices are now extremely favorable.


Photo: Norwegian Air Shuttle

This applies to traffic between the mainland and the Canary Islands and other domestic flights. Norwegian enters the Spanish domestic market from 25 October, with tours between Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and the Spanish mainland. Prices are now between € 29.60 and € 44.70 for trips between the Canary Islands and the mainland.

But Ryanair has entered the war with one-way tickets between islands and the mainland as low as € 11.45, that can be hard to beat. With these prices the journey to and from the airport will often be the most expensive part of your trip.

iberia-expressBut the Spanish company Iberia also wants to be included in the price war. From November on they will only be using their low-cost carrier Iberia Express for traffic between the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands. Ticket prices from Iberia Express are currently being sold for 22 € for single tickets and 54 € for the return of persons who are residents in the Canary Islands. The price for other passengers is currently at € 44 for one-way tickets and 108 € for return tickets.


Who wins the battle remains to be seen. Probably it will be the passengers.

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