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Price war between gas stations

Petrol stations in the Malaga province are in a price war. It is the sharp increase in the number of petrol stations around Malaga which has resulted in the extensive price war.


Illustration photo: Wikipedia

In the recent past several new gas stations have been established in the outer areas of the city but also in other cities in the province of Málaga. Often the new stations have been built next to each other, something that has long been common in other countries, while this has not been commen to a greater extent in Spain earlier.

Some examples
On Carretera de Cádiz Málaga Carrefour Los Patios has a gas station and right next door is Cepsa. Last Thursday diesel € 1.152 cost per liter and Carrefour offers discounts and benefits that are linked to the purchase of goods.

In the industrial area “Polígono Industrial Guadalhorce” is located on calle Galp Tucídides and the diesel costs € 1.179. While at nearby Shell on Avenida de Velázquez it costs € 1,205.

When it comes to 95 octane fuel, Cepsa at la avenida de Velázquez sells gasoline a bit cheaper than Carrefour which is right next door (respectively € 1,299 and € 1,332). Galp on calle Tucídides charges €1,299 and Shell next to the avenida de Velázquez € 1,334.

Those who win the price war are the consumers, so today it definitely pays to compare the price at the various petrol stations in the vicinity. You may be pleasantly surprised.