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Popular high speed trains

Spain’s AVE high-speed trains continue taking market shares from the airlines. The railway line between Madrid and Malaga had more than 2.2 million passengers last year.

renfe-malagaMalaga – Madrid

The line between Málaga and Madrid had 2.26 million passengers in 2015, an increase of 4.5% compared with the previous year. Of these 74% completed the entire journey between the two metropolises, ie that there were 1.67 million travelers between Madrid and the Costa del Sol. Most travels took place during the summer months, May, June, July and August with over 200,000 passengers.

If you compare with flights on the same route, the trains have a market share of 84.1%, while the planes have only 15.9%. Renfe has 24 daily departures on the stretch, 12 in each direction, and the punctuality us incredibly 97.2%.

Malaga – Barcelona

The stretch between Malaga and Barcelona had 607,000 travelers last year and there is an increase of 11.4%. Thus in 2015 there were 62,000 new travelers on this stretch. Here too the summer was the busiest period with a peak in August at 69,000 travelers. There are 4 AVE trains on the route, two in each direction.

Malaga – Valencia

This line is not operated all days of the week with high-speed trains, but there are two departures on Fridays (one in each direction), one on Saturdays (direction from Malaga to Valencia), two on Sundays (one in each direction), and one on Mondays (direction Valencia – Malaga). A total of 114,000 passengers used this line, which is an increase of 10%. Here the train’s market share is 57.9%, while airlines have 42.1%.

renfe-picassoMalaga – Bilbao

In addition, Malaga has direct connections with Bilbao in the Basque Country during the summer with the so-called Picassso train. There are Alvia trains four days a week (Tuesdays and Sundays from Málaga and Mondays and Fridays from Bilbao). The Picasso train was used by 4,600 passengers in 2015. The travel time for the route Malaga – Bilbao is 9 hours with stops in Miranda de Ebro, Logroño, Calahorra, Tudela de Navarra, Zaragoza, Cordoba, Puente Genil-Herrera and Antequera-Santa Ana, among others.