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Podemos is now second largest

An opinion poll conducted by El Pais shows that Podemos now is Spains second largest political party. If there had been the elections today Podemos would get 25% of the votes, only beaten by the socialist party PSOE with 27.7%.

Pablo Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias
Foto: Wikipedia

In third is the ruling party PP with 20% support. It is believed that the socialist party PSOE has lost about a third of its voters to Podemos.

One month ago Podemos was the party that had the greatest support among Spanish voters and the party has fallen somewhat in popularity, partly after the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, did a poor performance during a TV interview with the Spanish TV channel La Sexta. Podemos has also endured harsh criticism for its radical statements within economic reforms and that they want to default Spain’s sovereign debt.

Carolina Bescansa, the election analyst for Podemos, says to El Pais that a lot can happen before the elections in 2015 but that nothing is going to be like before Podemos was established.

Podemos (Spanish for “We can”) is a left wing party led by Pablo Iglesias and was established on January 14th 2014. Podemos occurred in the wake of the 15M movement and caught great interest in social media after their first official meeting in Saragossa less than a year ago. Their program builds on what members of the party wants and hosts a variety of local political meetings across Spain. Their stated goals include combating corruption in Spain, the right to public education, the right to health, the right to housing and no evictions.

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